Michael ‘Star Dancer’ Schuessler

Michael Schuessler creating a piece of fine art

Meet Michael Schuessler

“My works are Vibratory Formulas of Color, Light and Movement. “Energy Works of Life.” I work mostly in large scale; Building the stretchers out of wood, then covering them with high quality perfectly smooth, and lightly textured canvas. ‘Essentially I’m building the Body the Bones of my work. I then stretch the skin over the bones; the canvas, and then finally I apply the pastels the color, flecks of gold, silver and copper, and the movement of curves and form.  I’m essentially infusing Life and Spirit; some might call it the Soul into the work.

“My medium is chalk pastel on raw, untreated canvas, which I bind into and onto the canvas with an ‘Archival, Acrylic UV Protective Bonding Agent.’ This is accomplished through a series of transparent layers. I also incorporate Gold, Sterling Silver and Copper leafs with sprinkles of Mica. At times I will add phosphorescent powders that react with UV light, which creates two different visions or personalities within one painting another whole dimension. All these different techniques create the essence of self-generated light through reflection, movement and spirit. This is a one-of-a-kind approach and use of this medium,” Which I have been developing and improving upon for over 45 years since it was taught to me.

Pastels when gazed upon through a microscope actually have facets, like a diamond, reflecting light and color differently from every angle of itself and the canvas it sits upon. This actually changes the vibration of the colors you see as the pigment caresses the edges and the fine texture of the canvas. From morning to night it’s an ever-changing palette for the color senses, creating different moods and energies.

‘As an artist, I try to capture the spirit of life onto the canvas, blessing each and every stroke of the brush.’

“My Artistic background started at a very young age. It always being in the forefront of my life; Starting with sketching and then the draw me picture in the back of the newspaper, thus being accepted into the Art Institute of Minneapolis a 5 year + program. I started gaining collectors at the young age of 13. I was doing murals in every home we lived within. I then started my journey within the Healing Arts. This experience is very extensive, e.g. The Qabbalah; Psychology, specifically studies in Symbolism; Healing with Sound and Color; and different types of Mysticism and Native American influences. When I was 19, I was in an intense 8-year apprenticeship with Nancy Hannum who taught me this special technique of infusing Pastels onto canvas. Having brief additions of insight from others like Robert Stromieher, also the Denver Art Museum. These apprenticeships and studies have enabled me to capture the essence of spirit onto the canvas.” I was also blessed by a Special Native American healer ‘Pricilla Wolf’ who had spirit come through her to give me the name of  “Star Dancer” we learned from each other Fine Tuning the Healing of our natures.

When I create, my emphasis is on spirit and the viewer. I seek to slow the viewer down, a kind of Sedation, which allows their inner-self to create through the works. Imagination and desire is the key to creation and this should be shared. As soothing and as calming as my works are, they allow the viewer to respond and create– the longer they look, the more they experience the more they sensitize to the color and movement. The focus allows the spirit of the pigments to come through the viewer as it was created through me, thus we awaken our capacity for true creativity and connect at a level far beyond this physical realm.”

Michael has been represented by a number of galleries throughout his history; from Long Boat Key Florida; ‘Peter Wallace Fine Art Gallery’ showing with some of the Great Old Masters of Impressionism, to Denver Colorado, ‘Reiss Gallery’ with some of the best in Contemporary Arts; Also represented in Santé Fe’ New Mexico ‘Jane Mason’ Fine Arts Gallery, mixing it up with some of the best Southwestern Artists. Michael also having two of his own Studio Galleries for a period of almost 10 years in Colorado on 22nd Street, and Larimer Street, ‘Voted One of the Top 5 Studios by CBS 4’

He is represented at the World Trade Center in Dallas Texas, and he is also represented in Carefree Arizona, One of the top Galleries merging Southwest and Contemporary Art- Wild Holly Gallery on 22 Easy Street.

His Collectors are World Wide, from Private Collections to Corporate including; Bacardi’s Main head quarters in Miami, to Menu Dynamics in California, The Elmsford Grange in England, also including many Major Healing Centers across the Nation.

Michael has had many accomplishments throughout his career, many ribbons, and acknowledgements.

From top shows in the US, From Best in Drawing &Pastels to Best in 2D.

Michael also participates in many Benefits across the realm of organizations, donating his time and works to worthy causes.

He has multiple published works, and has even done media appearances with his work.

Michael enjoys traveling the US from coast to coast sharing his works through the Fine Art Exhibits.                                           

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